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Tory Carrier's electric stacker is your helper

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

What is an electric stacker?

An electric stacker, also known as a walkie stacker, is a power propelled device for lifting and loading pallets. Primary, the stacker is used for lifting and stacking of loads or to store pallets on a shelve at high level. Comparing with normal pallet truck which has only 200mm lift height,electric stacker has a lift to reach much higher, like 3m, 5m and even. When comparing to the forklift, stacker has smaller size which will be required smaller aisle and turning radius.

In fact, almost every warehouse needs stackers.

Electric stacks are also the Tory Carrier's typical products.

In this short article,ESF26RE will be introduced.

This model is ESF26RE, a light duty type of walkie model, which will be a smart using in the small warehouse and short-distance transportation.

The model including 3 load capacity:

1 ton, 1.2 ton, 1.5 ton, Max Lift height is 3m

With super light and smallest turn radius, it's also great powerful

What's more, the model owns two awards: product design award & Red dot design award.

There are two standards:

1. European type (with fixed legs and forks)

2. US type (straddle legs with adjustable forks)

The gel battery of the model is free of maintenance, directly charging without adding electrolyte. The charger is Built-in, easy to access for power supply and convenient for charging.

How to use ?

just plug the stacker into an AC socket for charging, which saves space and time.

The handle is characterized

Tory Carrier design handles by ourselves, all the handles are multifunction.

We promise,

Every truck will be 100% tested before delivery. There is a nameplate which we put a unique serial number for each truch which can be tracked in our system.

Don't worry about any aftersale service, we have professional technical team with 180 engineers as support.

Please feel free to contact us for any models you interested in.

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