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Need a lift table? Tory Carrier is the best choice

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

What is a lift table?

A lift table is a device that employs a scissors mechanism to raise or lower goods. Typically lift tables are used to raise large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. Common applications include pallet handling, vehicle loading and work positioning. Lift tables are a recommended way to help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disordersby correctly re -positioning work at a suitable height for operators. Lift tables lend themselves to being easily adapted to a specific use. They can work in hostile environments, be manufactured in stainless steel and have equipment like conveyors, turn-tables, barriers and gates.

How to choose a lift table?

A good lift table can create a safer and more efficient work environment which save both time and money. Therefore, they have to be convenient, safe and long-life.

Why Tory Carrier lift tables ?

Our lift tables are varied and reliable which can satisfy different demands. Every individual one is superior quality with CE certification. The design of Tory Carrier lift tables hold patent. The ideal design is for lifting and transporting goods, widely used for workbench and assembly line operation.

Our lift tables are:

> Easy to use

Easy foot pump for rasing to a desired height level.

Convenient finger release smoothly lowers even heavy loads.

> Long to use

welded steel frame with durable coat finish.

Durable hydraulic pump ensures a long service life.

> Safe to use

With support plat on side of arm to ensure the safety service

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