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How to use Stackers safely ?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

1. requirements for operators

The operators of the stackers must be trained and examined before operation. Drivers must be clear about their rights, obligations and responsibilities. At the same time, be familiar with the relevant operation instructions. The operator of the stackers must wear personal protective equipment, such as safety helmet and safety shoes during the operation.

2. Daily safety inspection

Check each control and drive device, if there are any damaged or defective be found, should be repaired after operation. Check shelves, switches, operating handles, pedals, wheels and fasteners, etc. At startup, maintain a proper startup speed. After using, lower the fork to the ground, disconnect the power and lock the car.

3. Normative operating process

Before lifting, it is necessary to know the weight of the cargo. The cargo weight should not exceed the rated lifting weight of the forklift truck. According to the size of the goods, adjust the forks spacing, so that the goods are evenly distributed between the two forks to avoid partial load. Pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes when driving. What's more, Safety devices, warning signs and warning precautions can not be ignored in the operating process.

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