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Look At This! Tory Carrier in the DICO Studio

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Jerry in Santa Cruz, CA

We got in touch with Jerry at DICO to see how they are using their fully powered electric pallet stacker ESSR33-III, which can reach a staggering height of 3.3 m and has a max load of 3300lb. Because the DICO woodshop requires a heavy duty pallet stacker, these specs were extremely vital.

“We do not need an Electric Pallet Stacker, but after just one week with this stacker, my team fights over who gets to use it. We use it in our warehouse. Good communication with the seller and it arrives 2 days early. Holds its charge throughout the day. I like the 177 inch lifting height, which helps when we need to moving heavy goods or unload a long machine. And it saves wear and tear on my guys. Now they want me to buy a another one ”

Here are some details about them using the ESSR33-III to unload a long and heavy edge sander.

“ Convenient, Economical, Easy-to-use. ”

The following are some clear photos:

ESSR series are of great necessity in the warehouse working.”

Here's Jerry using the stacker in a novel way, leveraging a pallet truck to help support the long sander on it's journey into the shop.

We love seeing customer stories. Stay tuned for more from DICO and if you have photos or videos of your Tory Carrier in action we want to see it.

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