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EPJ33W-Li--- Small body BIG energy

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

One of Tory Carrier's star products is EPJ33W-LI

EPJ33W-LI , super light , strong power with lithium battery.

It definitely worth putting into your shopping cart.

The general configuration of our pallet truck, with DC brushless, controller & motor, maintenance free. This battery is very small. Battery capacity is 48V/20Ah. The charging time is 3 hours, but the working time is 6 hours.

This is a true story.

Small body with big energy.

You may ask, can it be used indoor? For sure.

This type is very popular to use indoor, like supermarket, retail outlets, warehouse, even frozen food storage and chemical handling process factory.

Here you can see the general outlook of this truck, with

1. multifunction handle.

2. emergency reverse button.

3. lifting button and horn button, small lowered handle.

4. plug-in type battery (very easy to be taken out or put in)

The motor adopt the horizontal mounted type, easy to be repaired and maintained, no need to change the motor brush.

The driving wheel can be separately removed. The PU material makes less noise and very suitable for indoor entertainment.

There is also the error code lamp, when machine goes wrong, the lamp will be light up. In both sides of the drive wheel, equipped with 2 spring balance wheels, it can help to keep the stability and reduce the noise.

Is this type is with lithium battery ? Yes.

Our lithium battery is 48V/20AH, the weight is only 8.5kg. A small lady can lift it easily.

The lithium battery is also very easy to repair and change.

Other designs of this truck, like controller, it is covered by alumimum, resist to wear and impact, located under the battery, well protect and keep good heat dissipation.

What about the gradient ability ?

It usually can be used at 5%, but when full loading, 10% ramp is not any problem.

By the way, all of our truck has CE certification and conform to CE regulation.

Sounds great, right ?

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